Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hey there…

Okay so it has been a while I know… no excuse springs to mind that would be in anyway acceptable – it’s just the way it is.

So what has been happening I hear you ask – go on, you know you want to – well, a lot, but at the same time not much – you know how it goes.

Leesa and I again braved the dismal Armidale weather and worked the September markets with some success. Not a lot of people around again (it was a truly horrible day) but we did okay despite that.

markets 270909


We now both have our regulars as well which is quite comforting – you know, that they actually want to come and buy something else from us!! I can’t speak for Leesa of course but I am constantly surprised that anyone wants to give me money for my knitting – probably shouldn’t spread that around I guess, keep it to yourselves won’t you!! We are both busy gearing up for the run-up to Christmas and hoping sales will skyrocket.

On the home front we have had builders in for a bit more than a month now and, fingers xxx’d, we will have a functioning bathroom this evening – well except for the toilet that is – that will be sorted early next week and until then we still have the old one to use. So our open air showering days are over!!! Like – YAY!!!!!!

P9210518  bathroom at the beginning of the work

P9210519 our makeshift “shower room” – the existing laundry

P9230531 creating our new shower

P9280543 things looking much more civilised now

PA090544 new tiles and everything!

Okay so that is it for the teasers – it is all but done now but I will post “the big reveal” when it is absolutely complete – painted and everything – so stay tuned!

School holidays have also been happening of course but as both St Blair and I have been working we haven’t really done much but it is still nice to have a break from the yelling and screaming gentle encouragement that is the normal soundtrack to our mornings.

I had a great surprise last week when I received a phone call from an old friend that I have not seen in (gulp) 17ish years!!!! She and her partner were on their way in their truck from Brisbane to Sydney and were coming through Armidale and wanted to call in and say hello – which they did. Isn’t it funny how you just fall back into the same patterns with close friends – like, we have literally not laid eyes on each other since my biggest boy was a baby and as he is just about to turn 18 that was quite a while ago – of course we have kept in touch via e-mail, photos, this blog and the occasional phone call – but it was like we had just seen each other a week ago – we still laughed about the same things we always did, she certainly still looks the same and all in all it was a fantastic visit – brief but satisfying…thanks Pip – it was really great to see you again – may it not be another 17 years before we see you again – but of course it won’t be will it…we will see you in January right?

Caitie, Maibz and I also managed to fit in a flying visit to Warialda to see the Piggy Queen – you know how I love to do that and once again we were not disappointed – again, all too quick but far better than not having seen her at all!

So that about wraps up what we have been getting up to to on the home/family/craft front – not a whole lot of knitting going on but I did finally get around to the whole knitting with fabric thing (see below) which has been fun and has opened up a few possibilities for future projects so I shall keep you posted – in the meantime enjoy the pics and let me know if anything takes your fancy.

PA130550 take an old sheet, some chunky needles and a couple of hours and…PA130552voila! a new bath mat – this also gives you a hint of what the floor in the bathroom looks like!



…and a little bit more fabric and a crochet hook and tada! I think these will become brooches…

So there you go – let me know what you think.




TerribleT said...

l always love your updates and getting to see what you're making. I love the bathroom mat that you made and I think I'm going to give it go. Fingers crossed!!!! :0)


lzilulu said...

SCRUMDILLYGORGEOUS!! Loving the colours in the bath mat......much better knitted across the shorter rows....must start ripping!!!.....
sloppystuff lzilulu xox