Thursday, November 26, 2009

wish it was monday cause I am a bit manic....

hey all. Again my apologies - it has been awhile...
My head is abuzz with ideas about things I want to be creating. Unfortunately I do not have enough hours left in the day by the time I finish work to tackle many of these things. I am frantically scribbling things down on bits of paper and leaving visual reminders everywhere so that hopefully I don't forget anything before I have a chance to make them. I feel I am in a manic phase - which is probably a good thing as I have markets on Sunday I am getting ready for so a slump right now would not be a good thing at all!

this collection of goodies is begging to be made into some phone sox - the colours are cute as and self striping too - can't wait!

these babies are on the table blocking and waiting to be joined together in a christmas banner, a bit like...


Also on the table are crocheted flowers waiting to be attached to hair ties (that is the blue wool in the corner of the photo of the white stars - I did take a photo but it was a bit blurry....well it was early okay!), a ball of red wool to remind me that I want to make a set of birds as well as the packet of hair ties to remind me of all the flowers I still need to crochet and attach. In the cupboard and out of sight (but not mind) is a bathmat WIP as well as a whole lot of hair clips that need to be packaged.

And these are the just the things that have managed to make it from my head and into fruition...believe me - my head is nowhere you want to be at the moment!

Hope you and yours are all doing well...come and see me in the mall on Sunday if you happen to be in the area!