Saturday, August 29, 2009

My little fairy

You’ve seen my dolls before right?

I have had this vision in my head for sometime about a particular doll I was wanting to create. Seriously, it was keeping me awake at night.

I wanted a fairy doll. Deliciously soft made with cotton and bamboo, in my signature colour scheme of pink and whits (of course), with beautiful lacy wings on her back.

The doll I could do – it was the wings that were keeping me up nights – how would I make them, I wanted them slightly stiffened – how was I to do that. I made one prototype which were a disaster – went away for a few days and came back to it with fresh eyes and came up with these…

P8270432 Sooo – I was happy with the overall look of them (the colours are really not working for me tonight in any of the posts) now I had to work out how to stiffen them. Lightbulb!

I gathered my ingredients…

P8270440 …and got cooking…

P8270433 …dipped…

P8270437 …blocked and crossed…

P8270439 Waited a few hours drying time and then attached.



But, I thought she was missing something…Lightbulb (yep twice in two days – a record!)

What does every fairy need?

P8290448 Why a wand of course…

P8290451 Ahhh – maybe now I will get some sleep!

caped crusaders

A showing of Miss Lish’s latest Textiles assignment.

The brief was it had to be made from at least 50% recycled material.

So after a forage through the linen cupboard to “reclaim” some sheets, a few weeks of work in the textiles room at school this beauty emerged…

P8260429P8260427 P8260425 P8260424P8260421  The creator at work.

She would like to thank her younger sister for modelling – right Lish? Yep I thought so!!!!

bloggy breakfast

We like eggs for breakfast sometimes here. I am not, however the chief egg cooker – it is not my forte. To this end, and knowing that St Blair was going to be away quite a bit in the mornings due to work commitments, when we were in Sydney last I purchased a couple of tricky egg cooking gadgets from Peter’s of Kensington – an egg cutter and a timer that distinguishes between soft, medium etc…

I cooked the eggs for breakfast the other morning. Most people in this house enjoy their eggs on the softer side and Miss Caitie will not often partake of a googy at all. Monday morning she surprised us all by agreeing to have an egg but requested one that was a little harder – so I popped one back into the saucepan and cooked it a little longer, got the toast going and readied my implements…

P8260420 This is an egg cutter – cuts the tops of beautifully, well mostly, when just the right amount of pressure is applied, and the scissor action works to rule, the sun is shining in the sky, the rooster has crowed three times and you jump up and down on one foot - you know the drill…however, apparently when the conditions are not quite right this happens…

P8260419 Ooooops!

Monday, August 17, 2009

come and get it…..

I love our dining table – it is the heart of our house. It sits right in the middle of the front room – the family room and kitchen area and is always in use by someone or something. I love it  when it looks like this…

dining table It is clear of clutter and the chairs are all neatly placed around it – but perhaps it is lonely - I think it wonders where everyone is.

At least once a week it looks like this…

P8030317and that is ok too – it gives a sense of productivity to the table – it hums with energy and the pleasure of jobs getting done

Mostly though, it looks like this…P8070339 Full of bits and pieces of our everyday lives. Works in progress, shopping, bits of washing, computers…you know, stuff! I don’t think it minds being like this – I like to think it feels a part of things, a part of our daily lives.

But for me, the most pleasure comes when it looks like this…


P8160392 Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What’s in a name

Not sure if you have seen my pinknits banner or not. It looks a little bit like this…

Pinknits Wholesale Price List

It hangs over the stall like this…

P7260287Well a nice lady at the last markets asked me if I made them to order. Now while I thought someone might want one I wasn’t entirely convinced that anyone actually would and if they did, would I actually want to make another one – so thinking very quickly on my feet I said ‘yes of course I could – what name would you like’. So I took all her details, told her it would be three or four weeks and off she went. I came home and got started.


Her choice of colours – a soft appley green and a lavender sort of colour with maybe a touch of cream. The triangles came first and then I had to think about how best to tackle the letters. I thought crochet might be best…


I kind of liked the ‘r’ but the others were a little bulky…


I think you can see what I mean. Ayhugh I came up with a compromise and churned them out.

Blocked them…


Attached them…

P8120376and then got working on the final touches.

And here it is…





I hope Grace loves it…

It’s in the bag…

You might remember this little pic from the other day when I did all the washing…

P8030327Well after a bit more knitting and then quite a bit of bashing about with really hot water and sunlight soap it has now turned into these…

P8080351 What do you think?

They are for the stall at the next markets. I only had one on the stall last month and it was snapped up so thought they were worth another shot.

I like the flower embellishments…here’s a close up


They are even labelled…


Honestly it is easier to read on the bag!

So, if they take your fancy come on down to the markets on the 30th and take a closer look.



Friday, August 7, 2009

Pigs might fly…



These babies are on their way to Dubbo. Fortunately by road because as you know pigs don’t, you know, fly…

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mondays round here

My Monday so far as follows:

P8030325 Did some washing.

P8030320P8030329  Hung it on the line.

P8030312 Ironing.

P8030317P8030316  Folding.

(The following image may scare some readers, if squeamish look away now - Mary Ellen, this means you!)


Sorted the socks and undies.


Found a bit of time for this though.

Emmett, on the other hand did this all morning…


Hope your Monday was good wherever you are and whatever you did.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Woolly gifts

I just wanted to quickly share with you pictures of the beautiful gift I received last night.

Beautiful, beautiful wool from New Zealand. It is delicious and I have to say that the photos don’t really do the colours justice, but believe me when I say they are divine.

Thanks guys – a very special gift indeed.

Ahhhh – that’s better…


Notice anything different? Look a little closer, here, let me help you…

P8010302That’s right – I removed her eyebrows. After a brutally (not really) honest comment  left by my sister suggesting that the eyebrows were taking away from her overall ‘cuteness’ I had a really good look at the doll again. I came to the realisation that she really was kind of “Brooke Shieldsesque” – and sooooo not in a good way – so it was off with the brows and voila! I think she does look cuter. I so totally do not know why I even put eyebrows on her but you can now all relax knowing that it won’t happen again!!!!


Feel better? I know I do