Saturday, April 18, 2009


Dear all

Yeah yeah I know - long time no hear right? Ahh well what can I say - lets just all build a bridge shall we and get over it ok? Ok.
So....what has been haappening in the Clan's household over the last little while. Well, we got through the birthday season, the whole Christmas thing, the me being back at work full time thing, the school holidays and the start (and finish) of Term 1, 2009. And so, here we are...

2009 so far has been a year for "me". I initiated a fitness campaign at the beginning of the year, dragging my sorry arse out of bed every morning to go walking - this was unfortunately hampered a wee bit when I tripped over an uneven bit of biketrack and broke my ankle!!! (Bloody Armidale Dumaresq Council!!!!) Hello to crutches and cast for four weeks. On the upside it did mean a week off work - which brings me to another change I made this year - finding the positves in every situation - anyhugh we got through those four weeks and the day after I had my cast removed I was out flogging the pavement once more. As a family we are avid viewers of the Biggest Loser at the moment which is very motivating and keeps me on track (most of the time anyway - I didn't walk this morning - bugger!). Lets see, what else....
The second born boy child started high school this year which has been traumatic to say the very least - I won't go into it here but let me just say two suspensions in seven weeks is not a good way to start your secondary schooling!!!!!
We had visitors from Sydney who came and spent a lovely weekend with us which was topped off by "a day at the races". And we have just returned from an all too brief trip down the "big hill" where the girls stayed at "NanandPa's" and the boys had a couple of nights on a commune - no joke - i have pictures of showers being had under downpipes (did I not mention - it poured for a good day and a half...)to prove it - ahh yes and a lovely pic of Pete's version of a long drop dunny too if anyone is interested???? No? OK! Moving on then.....
The children are all doing the usual children like things - eating, sleeping, fighting, growing up - you know how it is - life goes on.
But onto the real reason for this post...I am going to re-invent it as a forum for me to post about my knitting and other semi-crafty pursuits...and ok there will be the odd mention of the children I am sure -if anyone is interested. So check it out in the future and if any of the items take your fancy - or you know of someone who might be interested in some of my items - then please forward the link to them.

That is it for now - I will be back soon to unveil "pinknits - handmade just for fun".

Till then - ciao.