Friday, October 23, 2009

Watcha doin’?

Well it is a nice rainy Friday night in Armidale. Comfortable on the lounge updating the blog, doin’ a little bit of facebookin’, checking out the others in blogland and generally just chillaxin.

So – a couple of things I wanted to check in with – firstly a laundry reno update…

PA090546 before – well after a little bit of emptying of all contents other then washing machine and dryer – remember this is where we have showered for the last four weeks!

PA230567 after – the removal of the exterior wall to allow access for the cement

PA220561 and the view from the outside

  PA230571              the cement truck moves in!

PA230575 in the thick of it!

So now the cement sits and just does nothing but dry out for a few days before they come back and start putting it all back together again. Bring.It.On!!!

On another note – what do you think of these?


PA220565 A little knitted town – well the beginnings of one anyway.

So if you happen to be in Armidale this Sunday come down to the mall and check us out at the markets!

See ya

Cilla Mary

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