Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovely Ladies

This little lady is currently on her way to sunny Wee Waa where she will be a present for a new baby. I was asked to make her by a friend for her to give as a gift – it turns out the gift is for the new baby that was recently born to my cousin and his wife. Their second daughter which was lovely. Anyway, it is kind of nice that she will, kind of, stay in the family. I like her – a.lot.


This one has been sitting in a container making an appearance at the last couple of markets – but no takers. That no one has shown any great interest in her I like to blame on the fact she was made in a big hurry as I needed a doll to display at the first markets we did. I liked her but I wasn’t lovin’ her, and I think that vibe shone through. Anyway, last night, after finishing off the above little lady with a different (cuter?) dress than I usually do, I decided that maybe the poor neglected dolly would do better with a new dress. So, there she is…better, certainly, but am I lovin’it yet?


I am still undecided. What do you all think?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures of the past

I received a great e-mail today from my beautiful niece in Newcastle with a whole heap of family photos attached. It was great. Photos of my mummy and daddy when they were young – courting photos and wedding photos – delicious.

Mary_and_Max_at_a_ball Mary_and_Max_wedding_at_car Mary_wedding_flowers Weren’t they beautiful. So elegant and dapper in their finery. My mother always skites that daddy was able to span her waist with his hands – she is tiny and he was a tall man, so I guess it could be true. Anyway, I love these photo’s. They speak of such happy times and remind me that our parents were once young and responsibility free. Then I guess life got in the way for them too, just as it does for all of us. Seven children, hard years living on the land and then finally again, happier times – with children grown and gone and time for them to just be them again – not enough time unfortunately – but some.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

To market, to market …

Ok – so Leesa and I did the markets. Up and out of bed scarily early on another cold Sunday in good old Armidale. Again, not a huge turnout of either stallholders or buyers, but, we did okay. Truth be told, Leesa did very well and I did okay. It seems we take turns in doing really well. The first month Leesa sold heaps more than I did, last month I did a lot better than Lees and this month it was her turn again – can’t be fairer than that!


P7260288 P7260286

Anyway – we will brave the weather again next month and do it all again. We also have plans to tackle markets further afield – in particular, Bellingen – and we are open to suggestions of any other markets anyone might know of. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

Until next time…


Cilla Mary

Monday, July 20, 2009

Elephants and pigs – oh my!

A few pictures of what I have been working on lately.





Leesa and I will be at the markets again next weekend – looking forward to selling lots of these babies.

No words

Hey! Here I am - not as soon as I promised but here none the less...the only thing is - I have no words - nada, zip, zilch.

Nothing to say, too much to say.