Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovely Ladies

This little lady is currently on her way to sunny Wee Waa where she will be a present for a new baby. I was asked to make her by a friend for her to give as a gift – it turns out the gift is for the new baby that was recently born to my cousin and his wife. Their second daughter which was lovely. Anyway, it is kind of nice that she will, kind of, stay in the family. I like her – a.lot.


This one has been sitting in a container making an appearance at the last couple of markets – but no takers. That no one has shown any great interest in her I like to blame on the fact she was made in a big hurry as I needed a doll to display at the first markets we did. I liked her but I wasn’t lovin’ her, and I think that vibe shone through. Anyway, last night, after finishing off the above little lady with a different (cuter?) dress than I usually do, I decided that maybe the poor neglected dolly would do better with a new dress. So, there she is…better, certainly, but am I lovin’it yet?


I am still undecided. What do you all think?


lzilulu said...

here goes with my HONEST opinion of doll number two.....she's cute...she's loving...but...she just looks a bit unhappy with her eyebrows....shave them off and i think she will SHINE :)

lzilulu xox

John said...

i see what Izilulu means about the eyebrows....
Did Blair have anything to do with those???
I am digging the leggings though....

Love your work Cill

Nette xxxxxxxxxxx