Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures of the past

I received a great e-mail today from my beautiful niece in Newcastle with a whole heap of family photos attached. It was great. Photos of my mummy and daddy when they were young – courting photos and wedding photos – delicious.

Mary_and_Max_at_a_ball Mary_and_Max_wedding_at_car Mary_wedding_flowers Weren’t they beautiful. So elegant and dapper in their finery. My mother always skites that daddy was able to span her waist with his hands – she is tiny and he was a tall man, so I guess it could be true. Anyway, I love these photo’s. They speak of such happy times and remind me that our parents were once young and responsibility free. Then I guess life got in the way for them too, just as it does for all of us. Seven children, hard years living on the land and then finally again, happier times – with children grown and gone and time for them to just be them again – not enough time unfortunately – but some.