Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ahhhh – that’s better…


Notice anything different? Look a little closer, here, let me help you…

P8010302That’s right – I removed her eyebrows. After a brutally (not really) honest comment  left by my sister suggesting that the eyebrows were taking away from her overall ‘cuteness’ I had a really good look at the doll again. I came to the realisation that she really was kind of “Brooke Shieldsesque” – and sooooo not in a good way – so it was off with the brows and voila! I think she does look cuter. I so totally do not know why I even put eyebrows on her but you can now all relax knowing that it won’t happen again!!!!


Feel better? I know I do



lzilulu said...

MWAH!!! amazing what a little bit of hair removal can do :)

totally lovin' her now xox

lzilulu xox

Riley&Moore said...

Yeap your right say good bye to the 80s.