Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quick one...

Hey there...a very quick post just to say hello to everyone. Am actually taking 5 mins at work to do this one...naughty I know but I will take it out of my lunch hour I promise!!!

As I said this is just a very quick line to say hello before we dash out of town for a couple of days. I think I have mentioned it before - the Chief Clansman is meeting up with a bunch of old school mates for a day of golf at the illustrious Bonville Golf Course at Coffs Harbour - well that is happening this week. The children and I are tagging along purely with the hope of catching some sun and surf after what has been a long, cold winter (which continues I might add). So I hope to get away from work on time, duck home and start packing....YAY!!! I am really looking forward to it and aim to do not much more than lie by the pool and read a book while the children swim, eat some beautiful fresh fruit and veg bought along the way from our favourite fruit and veg shop just outside of Bello and that is about it...who could ask for more!

We have been busy at home over the last few weeks doing what started as a few jobs around the house but has ended up being a relatively major reno project!! I will post some photos around that on another day - but I have to say that it is looking pretty good.

Well I guess I have used my five minutes up now so had better get back to it...but I hope to bring you some photos of our fun in the sun when we return from our little getaway!


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