Thursday, August 7, 2008

touching base

Just to let you all know that I am still here! Have been very busy lately re-constructing our house - children are on the move, rooms have been painted, curtains have been hung, heaters have been installed, ovens have blown up, cooktops are missing bits, new ovens and cooktops have been ordered, snow has been waited for, soccer has been played, netball has been played, hockey has been played, work has been attended, school has been attended, mice have been caught, other nocturnal visitors have been heard, gardens have been watered, skips have been filled, Austar boxes have blown up, Mystar has been ordered, clothes have been washed, birthdays are being counted down, knitting has been done, coffee's have been had, red wine has been drunk, inventive meals have been created...and all that just since last Thursday!!!!

Whewww no wonder I feel tired!!!

And unfortunately it is not finished yet...I would show you a picture of what the house currently looks like , but truly, it would give you nightmares!!

See ya.

1 comment:

lzilulu said...

soooo.....who's birthday countdown is happening??am i missing something???
lzilulu xox