Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well, what an interesting week we have had here. Household numbers were decimated over the week and we were down to only five in the house!! As mentioned in a previous post the Chief Clansman and boy children numbers 1 and 2 have been in Albury , and now Orange, for a hockey fest. That left boy child number 3 as the "man of the house". A role he has very grudgingly tried to fill...sitting at the head of the table for breakfast, helping to put the rubbish out and of course monopolising the remote control - even to the extent of allowing me to go to bed when the footy has been on!! Whata man!! We have had fun really. It is amazing how the dynamics in a household change when some are doesn't seem to matter who it is that is away either... it is always calmer and way more relaxed.

So the travellers will return sometime tomorrow and while it will be a relief to have them back home safe and sound it will also mean a return to the more everyday dynamics of our household - back to eight people sharing the one toilet!!!! Ahh well. Which reminds me....should I clean it before they return??? Nahhhh, why bother really...

School holidays have started here so that normally heralds a relaxation in the housework...really what is the point of cleaning up when the house is going to be full of 6 children, plus various hanger-ons for the next two weeks - I can't see it myself.... Also I am hoping that we will make a little more progress on the reno's over the break, which will mean even more dust and dirt so again...what is the point??? I really can't see one...sooo should I put away the mop and bucket and vacuum cleaner for another day??? convinced me!!

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Tracey and itchy bits said...

ahh chalmerzeses's reminds me of my day with eight in the house and a hole in the backyard by the shed for a toilet - you have come along way.

We moving next door soon (toilet needs fixing) oh well single mum with tool box not a problem....
love ya all Tracey and itchy bits