Friday, July 11, 2008

sombre...or joyful?

Listening to the Rufus Wainright version of Hallelujah (yes ok, it is a favourite of ours...any version) - but this one is a little more sombre than others I think (bit ironic considering its origins)...anyway at the same time reading another Blog about knitting and it reminded me of my current project (well one of anyway). I was terribly affected by the recent passing of the beautiful Jane McGrath - I don't know why, I didn't know her personally, but her strength, her courage and her obvious commitment to her husband and family has always struck a chord with me and while I guess I knew her illness would have its obvious conclusion it hurt and upset me more than I thought anything like that would - (to the point where the boss offered me compassionate leave because he could see I was so upset!!) To be fair though I was less upset and more just plain cross that this woman had been taken away from all who loved her... anyway the upshot of this is that the first born girl and her friend Ezzy Mez are in the process of organising a girl's night in and I am knitting pink socks for all attendees (see the connection now to the blog re knitting...sorry if it took a while). Anyway we are working toward a great night with all of us in snuggly pink socks and raising lots of money for a great cause. I look forward to showing you many photos of the night when it happens.

Just wanted to get that out there!


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lzilulu said...

so, when is this night happening?? how many socks are you planning to knit????